International Business

India after the Boom

by Issue: July / August 2013

Contrary to the popular vision of an India that is so powerful and dynamic that many see it as the next China, this…

Finding success for Canada in Foreign Investment

by , et al.Issue: May / June 2013

Foreign investment in Canada's natural resource sector has been in the news a lot this year.  Attention has focused…

State Capitalism: Politics or Business?

by Issue: March / April 2013

It has been 12 years since China was admitted to the World Trade Organization, and if you ask Western business leaders……

The Ivey Business Journal Interview: Aldo Musacchio

by Issue: March / April 2013

Aldo Musacchio is an associate professor in the Business, Government and International Economy unit and a Marvin Bower……

Ten Ways for CEOs to Turnaround SOEs

by Issue: March / April 2013

Turning around a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) which is a significant contributor to the national economy would be like……

Learning to Manage Global Innovation Projects

by Issue: March / April 2013

As the trend toward knowledge dispersion grows and intensifies, the opportunities for co-located innovation will recede……

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