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Reputational Death and Corporate Taxes

by , et al.Issue: May / June 2017

...ger King’s management team, and its Brazil-based parent company, 3G Capital, communicated their decision to relocate headquarters to Canada based simply on growth opportunities. Scott Bonikowsky, a spokesman for Tim Hortons, stated that the deal was “moving forward as planned and is driven by long-term growth and not tax benefits.” Management later explained that thanks to Tim Hortons’s client base, the decision was justified. Canada represented t...
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Fighting Shareholder Populism

by Issue: September/October 2019 Wall Street.) After Ager-Hanssen started investing in Johnston Press, company officials were suspicious “on first contact,” and not just because the Custos website failed to impress. Unfortunately, British journalists didn’t dig deep enough, and they presented Ager-Hanssen as a controversial but legitimate contender for control. And while the press was billing him as a billionaire media tycoon with new financing and digital-age ideas that c...

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