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Reviewing the Review

by Issue: May / June 2017

...ypical review with any leader takes 60–90 minutes. People generally prepare 20–30 presentation slides to show during their review, and 40 per cent of the review time is spent covering what has already happened. That’s a lot of energy spent looking back when the intent is to go forward. So, are reviews relevant, and if relevant, how can they be effective? Failing to Look Forward My frequent flirtations with hundreds of monthly, quarterly, mid-year,...
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Reputational Death and Corporate Taxes

by , et al.Issue: May / June 2017

...NC that has two subsidiaries: AlphaUS and AlphaOffshore. AlphaUS sells US$100,000 of products to consumers in the United States and earns a gross profit of $30,000. AlphaUS also pays a royalty equal to 5% of gross sales to AlphaOffshore, which owns the brand name for the products that AlphaUS sells. AlphaUS has an income tax rate of 35 per cent, while AlphaOffshore is resident in a country with an income tax rate of 3 per cent. Let’s assume, for o...
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The Perils of Democratic Decision Making

by , et al.Issue: January / February 2016

...agement, marketing and CSR practices. But democracy in business is a double-edged sword. And when it comes to empowering the corporate masses to heavily influence the decision-making process via ESS, it remains unclear when the C-suite benefits and when it doesn’t. Thanks to the ever-increasing complexity of the organizational decision-making domain, business leaders everywhere already have difficulty making sense of the tsunami of data available...
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Why It’s Time to Think About Copying Chinese Innovators

by et al.Issue: March/April 2021 that followed was only newsworthy because the Chinese company has over 100 million active users in the United States. When it comes to penetrating the U.S. market, ByteDance’s accomplishment should not be written off as luck. Tencent’s WeChat—a social networking platform that also enables payments and e-commerce, besides hosting games, such as League of Legends and Honor of Kings—has a long way to go before it matches TikTok’s U.S. numbers, but...
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Cultivating Virtual Competence

by , et al.Issue: November / December 2020

...does to working in an office. So, while it is important to explore cutting-edge tools to support virtual working, it is equally important to ensure that the solutions you implement will actually serve the needs of remote employees. Virtual social skills and strong virtual self-efficacy can provide the resources employees need to overcome some technology deficiencies. But as the history of failed technology implementations shows, a long learning c...

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