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Reputational Death and Corporate Taxes

by , et al.Issue: May / June 2017

...King and McDonald’s,” BrandIndex, October 3, 2016, accessed May 17, 2017, “Tim Cook Calls Notion of Apple Avoiding US Taxes ‘Political Crap,’” The Guardian, December 19, 2015, accessed May 17, 2017, Tom Bergin, “Starbucks Brand Hit by UK Tax Criticism,” Reuters, October 20, 2012, accesse...
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Reviewing the Review

by Issue: May / June 2017

...How do we change our approach in order to achieve these key outcomes with reviews? Reviews ought to be structured examinations of the pace and progress of an initiative or set of initiatives. Reviews should be designed to facilitate progress toward an outcome that meets or exceeds the organizational goal. Let’s assume that an organization has used BSC to choose the right set of measures to evaluate progress toward a goal. Having done so, it is im...

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