• Maki Nakamura

    Why Directors Must Own Sustainability

    by , Issue: September/October 2021

    It’s time for corporate boards to expand their role because achieving sustainability involves shifting strategies and business models to capitalize on opportunities.

    To Metaverse or Not to Metaverse isn’t the Question

    by Issue: March/April 2022

    Despite the hype, metaverse marketing isn’t a fad that brand strategists can ignore. Here are 6 mistakes to avoid when entering the emerging virtual world marketplace.

    Dual-Class Shares: Risks and Advantages

    by , Issue: July / August 2022

    Dual-class share structures can offer stakeholders real advantages, but more firms need to follow best practices in deployment to mitigate risk of abuse.

    Metaverse or Metaworse

    by Issue: March/April 2022

    Mark Zuckerberg’s brave new world sounds cool—but regulators need to recognize it is being designed by the Facebook culture responsible for creating major social issues

    The Art of Persuading Unreasonable Colleagues

    by , Issue: May / June 2022

    Employee conflict costs the global economy billions annually. Here’s how to use it to fuel learning and innovation.

    The Canadian Director’s Dilemma

    by , Issue: July / August 2022

    Why unclear law and regulations make it challenging for Canadian boards to define their fiduciary duty, especially when stakeholder interests diverge.

    Setting Standards for a Canadian Sustainability Standards Board

    by , et al.Issue: May / June 2022

    Indigenous voices and greater stakeholder interests, along with a serious focus on international comparability, need to be a real part of the standards oversight conversation

    Beware Convergence of SRI and Impact Investing

    by ,

    The financial world needs to recognize that making a proactive difference requires more than simply appropriating impact assessment terminology.