Anna Schlegel


Anna N. Schlegel — named the first globalization innovator by SDL/Fortune – is the author of Truly Global: The Theory and Practice of Bringing Your Company to International Markets, which provides an insider’s look at how large companies move into international markets to successfully deliver their product to customers across different cultures and languages. Currently the Senior Director of Globalization and Information Engineering at NetApp, Schlegel is also co-chair of the company’s Women in Technology program. A native of Catalunya, she has worked in globalization teams for over twenty years with firms including Cisco, VMware, Xerox, and NetApp and for two localization vendors as the CEO and general manager. She frequently delivers lectures, webinars, keynotes and round tables at universities, corporations, and other international organizations. Her work has been published on,,, and other research industry forums. She lives with her family in Santa Clara, California. You can follow @annapapallona on twitter.

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Mapping Globalization

by Issue: November / December 2016

If you are going to expand your business into other markets, then it pays to plan the trip under the right leadership.