Gianfranco Casati


Gianfranco Casati is chief executive officer of Accenture in Growth Markets, with direct responsibility for Accenture’s business in Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. As a collective region, Growth Markets accounted for nearly US$10.1 billion in revenues in fiscal year 2021. Casati is also a member of both Accenture’s Executive Committee and Global Management Committee. Casati joined Accenture in 1984 after practicing as a certified public accountant, and became a Partner in 1994. Over the years, he has gained experience in business transformation, enabled by technology and data. His articles and interviews are published in several countries—from China to India to Brazil—where he travels in his current role. Outside his work, Casati has a strong passion for European football and motor sports, while he’s also a certified sommelier at WSET3 level.

Green Economy Growing Pains

by , et al.Issue: July / August 2022

It’s time to address the disconnect between green job growth and the employment expectations of the green generation.