Himanshu Saxena


Himanshu Saxena is a thinker, writer, and speaker. As a renowned executive coach, he works with boards, C-suites, and top leaders across industries. He is the founder and chief executive officer of the Centre of Strategic Mindset (COSM), grooming strategic minds and delivering bold business impact. Prior to founding COSM, Saxena headed strategy alignment, leadership development, and executive coaching at Tata Consultancy Services, a global top 10 technology company. Saxena regularly delivers keynote addresses on strategic leadership, innovation, re-imagination, paradigms, design thinking, and coaching. Over the past three decades, his executive experience and consulting work has spanned both the public and private sectors, including engagements with military organizations and the United Nations. He can be reached at himanshu@strategic-mindset.com.

Reviewing the Review

by Issue: May / June 2017

To be effective, reviews should not dwell on the past. They should look back only to provide real insight for improving future performance.

Put me in sync, Coach!

by Issue: May / June 2016

Success breeds leadership blind spots, which is why the best executives seek out a thinking partner to help them see clearly and maximize potential.

Catch Yourself before Slipping into Default

by Issue: May / June 2015

Knee-jerk decisions lead to inappropriate behaviour more often than you think. This article looks at how to avoid falling victim to your personal autopilot.
CEO in boardroom

Three Skills CEOs Need Most

by Issue: May / June 2015

When feeling insecure over operational skills, or subject-matter expertise, CEOs need to remember what the job really requires.

Managing the paradox of big picture & operational precision

by Issue: May / June 2014

Early one weekend morning, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company calls his HR Head to discuss replacing a key executive. Jason,……