Laura Methot


Laura Methot, Ph.D., is Managing Director at CLG Canada (Toronto, Canada) and Senior Partner at CLG (HQ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), a management consulting firm that helps companies worldwide transform their strategies into behaviour-change actions that produce measurable performance improvements. Recognized as a leading behaviour analyst with extensive international experience in private- and public-sector businesses, Dr. Methot’s areas of expertise include organizational systems and behaviour analysis, facilitating executive alignment and deployment effectiveness, and leading enterprise-wide coaching and performance-improvement solutions. The impact of her work is evident in bottom-line business results in companies in mining, shipbuilding and repair, upstream oil, engineering and construction, finance, military, and healthcare throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and North America. Dr. Methot is co-author of several chapters of the 2014 Axiom Award-winning book The Behavior Breakthrough: Leading Your Organization to a New Competitive Advantage. She can be reached at

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Perfect Planning

by , et al.Issue: March/April 2016

Performance improvement doesn’t have to be complex. All you have to do is get behaviours right by defining what a perfect day would look like.