Mark Hollingworth


Mark Hollingworth (M.Eng, EMBA), President of 5i Strategic Affairs, is an expert in strategic leadership who has worked as a management consultant, workshop leader/facilitator, educator, and ontological coach for clients in the profit and not-for-profit sectors for over 30 years. In his mission to help “people, companies and society prepare for sustainable success” Hollingworth acts as process leader, guide, trusted supporter, and, when necessary, devil’s advocate, using his talent and experience to help individuals and organizations make crucial decisions that result in concrete action and change. In Canada, he has worked with industry leaders such as ArcelorMittal, Bank of Montreal, CITI, Cogeco, Dillon Consulting, Edwards LifeSciences, Hydro-Québec, Imperial Tobacco, Kruger Inc., Linamar, Metso, Motorola, Prinoth, Rio Tinto Alcan, Richter, Standard Life, and Telus, and internationally he has worked with individuals and organizations in many countries including Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Spain, UAE, the United States, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe. Hollingworth lives in Montreal, Canada, and has lectured and given short-courses in Strategic Planning, Leadership & Innovation at McGill University for over 20 years. He is author of two books: Growing People, Growing Companies: Achieving Individual and Organizational Success in the Knowledge Economy (2003) and Strategic Assumptions: The Hidden Yet Powerful Beliefs That Control Every Decision You Make (2014) and numerous articles. He can be reached at


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