Ruben Mancha


Rubén Mancha is an Associate Professor of Information Systems at Babson College, where he researches digital business models and responsible digital transformation. His work has been published in Decision Support Systems, Information Technology & People, Journal of Business Strategy, Michigan Technology Law Review, Social Responsibility Journal, and Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance, and Management, among other journals. Mancha serves as an advisor to digital start-ups and organizations undergoing digital transformation efforts. Contact:

Automated with big data

Winning the Mobility Race

by , Issue: November / December 2020

When thinking strategy, executives in the mobility space need to note that brands will soon be taking a back seat to digital experiences.
Businessman looking at big screen with business chart

Harnessing Innovation

by , Issue: March / April 2017

Management at mature enterprises and startups alike needs to better understand what makes digital innovators tick.