Rainer Zitelmann


Dr. Rainer Zitelmann is an historian, sociologist, entrepreneur, and wealthy real-estate investor. He is the author of 21 books, the most recent being The Wealth Elite: A Groundbreaking Study of the Psychology of the Super Rich (2018). Living evidence of his own theories about luck and success, he started as a research assistant at the Free University of Berlin in the 1980s and used the opportunities before him, step by step, to launch the first daily real-estate section in any European newspaper, found a real-estate public relations company that became the market leader, and then sell the company so he could dedicate his talents to academia and writing.

Golden egg in egg cup

Understanding Richie Rich

by Issue: January / February 2019

In his latest book The Wealth Elite, Rainer Zitelmann takes a deep dive into how people become wealthy and the role luck plays. Here is the short version.