Thomas Olunloyo


Thomas Olunloyo is CEO of Legal & General Reinsurance, the global reinsurance arm of Legal & General Group plc. A fintech innovator, he launched the world’s first blockchain platform for pension risk transfer (PRT), “EstuaRe,” with the aim of providing millions of customers long-term financial and digital security. Olunloyo has led the company’s expansion into new markets, including the Group’s first PRT transaction in Canada, worth more than US$200 million in 2019, and, in his four years at the helm, Olunloyo has driven L&G Re’s annual net income from US$110 million to US$750 million. He proudly supports a number of education projects aimed at providing a pathway to success for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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No Culture, No Identity

by Issue: May/June 2021

If maintaining a strong corporate culture hasn’t been a priority during the pandemic, then you don’t understand its importance.