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IBJ Editor Thomas Watson is an award-winning business journalist with experience in the corporate world, where he has managed accounts and practice groups at international marketing firms and headed investor relations for a global venture capital outfit. As a senior writer and columnist with Canadian Business magazine from 2001 to 2011, Watson served on the editorial board credited with garnering the publication’s Magazine of the Year nomination in 2009. His investigative work at Canadian Business was also recognized for excellence repeatedly by the National Magazine Awards Foundation. In addition to his duties at IBJ, Watson edits Ivey’s Huffington Post blog, works with faculty on case studies, and assists the Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership in raising awareness of best practices in management. He is also a columnist with Financial Post Magazine and a contributor to Report on Business magazine and other leading business publications. Watson holds undergraduate degrees in history and political philosophy. As a graduate student, he studied journalism, political theory, international politics, public finance, and macroeconomics. Post-graduate studies included securities and market regulation. Watson can be reached at

Even NAFTA Tweaks Could Be Costly

by Issue: January / February 2017

Research shows any thickening of U.S. borders threatens prosperity across the integrated North American economy.

Tweetledee Tweetledumb

by Issue: January / February 2017

When it comes to the threat posed by Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, the real problem is how businesses are being told to react.

Manufacturing Investment

by Issue: July / August 2016

Why Canadian politicians and industry leaders need to learn from competitors and jointly take steps to own the FDI podium.

Judgment Play

by Issue: May / June 2016

Ivey research shows reframing financial-sector misconduct as a judgment issue can help stabilize the world economy.

Standard & Poor’s 500 Shades of Grey

by Issue: May / June 2016

Studies show creative grey-area accounting is alive and well long after the collapse of Enron rocked the corporate world.

IBJ Crosses 10,000 Subscriber Milestone

by Issue: March/April 2016

When I signed on as editor of Ivey Business Journal, I promised our international audience improved intellectual return……

Beware the A-Hole Tax

by Issue: March/April 2016

Being a tough negotiator is one thing. Being known as a total ass before you sit down to strike a deal is something else, not to mention costly.

How to Create a ‘Lights Out’ Customer Experience

by Issue: January / February 2016

Remember what happened to Kodak? Well, market forces are creating a perfect storm for all companies that think they know what their customers want.

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