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Ivey Business Journal editor Thomas Watson is a veteran business journalist and executive development consultant with decades of senior-level experience spanning management education, thought leadership development, institutional storytelling, strategic communications, public and investor relations, and media production. As the “big picture” columnist at Financial Post Magazine and editor of IBJ, one of Canada’s oldest business publications, Watson is recognized as an expert commentator on topics ranging from macroeconomics, market disruption, and white-collar crime to leadership, corporate governance, and the evolution of capitalism. Watson also works to promote best practices in management and governance by developing custom case studies and executive development programs. As a guest lecturer, he shares his experience as a young venture capital executive who risked his career and reputation to expose an international stock manipulation scheme that decimated the value of a major Canadian tech market darling during the dotcom boom. In 2002, Watson’s insider account of this mind-blowing scheme was featured as a cover story in Canadian Business magazine. Appearing under the headline “The Man Who Ambushed Open Text: And How I Helped Him Do It,” Watson’s first long-form magazine article garnered comparisons to Liar’s Poker by financial journalist Michael Lewis and was followed by an award-winning investigative reporting career. Highlights include: “Shell Games,” an exposé of criminal boiler rooms that financed the Canadian expansion of Ben & Jerry’s during the 2008 financial crisis; “ABCP: Hunter and the Hunted,” a profile of the retail market rebellion sparked by Bay Street’s unethical marketing of high-risk asset-backed commercial paper; “The Trials and Tribulations of Brian Hunter,” an inside account of the 2006 implosion of the Amaranth Advisers hedge fund; and “An Apology for Eleanor Clitheroe,” an exclusive profile of the sexism and hypocrisy that derailed Hydro One’s attempt to go public with a female CEO in 2002. Contact:

Guiding Corporate Sustainability

by Issue: July / August 2022

Canada’s ambitious Innovation North initiative aims to save the planet (and capitalism along with it) by disrupting traditional approaches to innovation

Mobilizing Character

by Issue: March/April 2022

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a skilled actor, but that’s not what makes him an invaluable leadership role model for his people and the rest of our troubled world.
Carlos Sanchez Pereyra

Plugging in Canada’s EV Ecosystem

by Issue: November / December 2021

If Canada wants to lower GHG emissions by building an electric-vehicle ecosystem, it needs to seriously address skilled-labour issues

Fighting Privilege Blindness

by Issue: July / August 2021

Effectively leading EDI typically requires some serious reflecting on why it has taken so long to make something that improves performance a real priority.
Wes Hall

BlackNorth Rising

by Issue: July / August 2021

Bay Street power broker Wes Hall talks about fighting systemic racism, offering practical advice on how corporate Canada can achieve generational change.
Athletic female rock climber.

Report from the Front Lines of Workplace Disruption

by Issue: January / February 2021

Working in HR today is like climbing a steep mountain, on your own, in the dark, without a rope, during a perfect storm.
Image of Coronavirus chart

How to Govern, Manage, and Work Amid COVID-19

by Issue: March / April 2020

Navigating today’s uncharted waters won’t be easy, especially for startups, but best practices for crisis management and virtual work can keep business afloat.
U-Haul rental in Kingston, Ont.

Why Not All Wellness Programs Are Healthy

by Issue: January / February 2020

Before following U-Haul’s controversial move to ban smokers from being hired in 21 U.S. states, companies should consider the social implications and hidden costs.
robot sitting on a brain

Intelligent Human Thinking About AI

by Issue: November/December 2019

Why waiting to see if artificial intelligence lives up to its hype is strategically dumb for executives and policymakers alike.
Image of Alastair BathGate

Building the World’s Digital Workforce

by Issue: November / December 2018

Alastair Bathgate is on a mission as CEO of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) firm Blue Prism—but it’s about liberating human workers, not terminating jobs.

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