Wided Batat


Dr. Wided Batat (Twitter @widedbatat) is an expert in experiential and digital marketing and is Professor of Marketing and Innovation and head of the Marketing Department at EM Normandie Business School’s Metis Lab in Paris and also faculty at the University of Lyon 2. Batat is also co-founder of B&C Consulting Group, a market research and consumer insights company specializing in the customer experience and digital transformation. Her research focuses on business recovery during disruptions and innovation from a customer experience perspective. She is also the author of the bestselling book Experiential Marketing: Consumer Behavior, Customer Experience and The 7Es (Routledge, 2019). Contact: wided.batat@bnc-consulting-group.com.

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The Business of Recovery

by Issue: July/August 2020

When facing major disruptions, firms need to embark on a born-again journey of self-discovery and healing similar to the mental health recovery process.