The Social Animal: A good book for executives

by Issue: September / October 2011

Over the years, regular contributor John McCallum has recommended numerous books that can help executives be an effective……

Two terrific books for executives

by Issue: July / August 2011

In no small way a CEO’s ability to connect with people is based on how he or she writes and behaves. The two, near-classic……

Executives should monitor household debt

by Issue: May / June 2011

Executives closely monitor the course of high-profile economic variables like growth, unemployment, inflation, the stock……

Competing in baseball and in business

by Issue: March / April 2011

Playing to win in business is like playing to win in baseball. Or at least it should be. The team that knows how to…

Don’t expect too much from the economy

by , et al.Issue: November / December 2010

Patience and prudence are bred in Canadians’ bones. Perhaps never will those characteristics, sometimes derided, serve……


by Issue: March / April 2010

Where the economy is likely to go at any point in time is a crucial input into most important decisions an enterprise…

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