Did AI or Poor Design Nearly Crash Lou’s Airliner?

by , et al.Issue: January/February 2024

Why automated systems that rely on artificial intelligence can be a deadly liability in situations unforeseen by designers

Surviving the Workquake

by Issue: January/February 2024

Why dealing with turnover requires understanding how the traditional foundation of the workplace has been cracked by a seismic shift in the employer-employee relationship
Elon Musk

Managing Ego

by , Issue: November/December 2023

Why the need to proactively counter the impact of hubris on organizational leadership has never been greater
Quantum computing

Investing in Quantum: Forward-Thinking or Fantastical?

by , et al.Issue: September/October 2023

Before dismissing quantum computing as a hyped future dream, leaders need to understand how early adopters are already using it to optimize KPIs
IBJ interview to Alex Tapscott, business author and alternative investment market professional.

Betting on Web3

by Issue: September/October 2023

Alex Tapscott explains why believing in a decentralized future is as deadly practical as Blaise Pascal’s wager on God
The Not-so-scary Truth About AI - Ivey Business Journal

The Not-so-scary Truth About AI

by Issue: July/August 2023

Despite all the Terminator scenarios, many commercial applications of artificial intelligence are really just an essential business tool
Why Entrepreneurship Is Entrepreneurship - Ivey Business Journal

Why Entrepreneurship Is Entrepreneurship

by Issue: July/August 2023

Most business founders deserve respect, but not all of them have what it takes to be considered an entrepreneur
3 Steps to Resilience Through Innovation - Ivey Business Journal

3 Steps to Resilience Through Innovation: a CEO Lens

by , et al.Issue: July/August 2023

Why organizations seeking resilience should emulate biopharmaceutical companies that embrace cutting-edge technologies and risk-taking to address unmet patient needs
Enhancing Scenario Planning with AI

Enhancing Scenario Planning With AI

by Issue: May / June 2023

Why ChatGPT can be a strategic planning consultant’s new best friend—if they are willing to adjust their value proposition

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