Executive Education

Failure Is an Option

by , Issue: July/August 2024

Why understanding that persistence and resilience are learned by embracing failure is a must in the Age of Disruption

Advancing Inclusion Amid Resistance

by Issue: May/June 2024

Why understanding three often-overlooked barriers to inclusion is essential to address subtle and vocal opposition to workplace DEI initiatives
Elon Musk

Managing Ego

by , Issue: November/December 2023

Why the need to proactively counter the impact of hubris on organizational leadership has never been greater

The Culture of Continuous Improvement

by Issue: November/December 2023

The most important thing about continuous improvement tools is understanding how and when you should deploy them

The Key to a Great Keynote


Why thought leaders and subject matter experts should think again if they see themselves as natural public speakers who don’t need coaching

Managing Partnership Misfits

by , et al.Issue: May / June 2023

Why the ability to anticipate stakeholder misalignments is key to entrepreneurial success, but tragically underdeveloped

Quiet Quitting Is a Leadership Issue

by Issue: September/October 2022

Why the social media-fueled work-to-rule philosophy probably says more about current company cultures than employee motivations.

The Canadian Director’s Dilemma

by , Issue: July / August 2022

Why unclear law and regulations make it challenging for Canadian boards to define their fiduciary duty, especially when stakeholder interests diverge.

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