March / April 2015

Image of pipes

Building Healthy Leadership Pipelines

by Issue: March / April 2015

There is no question that leaders can make or break an organization. But to maintain success over the long-term, organizations……
Image of Steve Jobs

Why We Shouldn’t Romanticize Steve Jobs

by Issue: March / April 2015

Investors and consumers alike were clearly excited to learn in early March that Apple was readying itself to launch…
Photograph of Mitchell Krebs

Q&A with Mitch Krebs

by Issue: March / April 2015

When the CEO of the largest U.S.-based silver producer started on the job, he saw the need for immediate change. Instead of wasting time changing culture, he built a new one by moving the company.
Image of a golden robot with glowing eyes

Profiting from the Rise of the Machines

by Issue: March / April 2015

Hollywood got it wrong — there is no reason to fear the future unless you’re a brand manager stuck in the past.