Leading through global uncertainty

From unsettling headlines and leadership crises to a global economy that is changing its orientation from West to East, it is clear we are moving through uncertain – indeed, even unnerving – times. What is not yet obvious is how to lead through this age and build brighter futures for our organizations.

This issue of Ivey Business Journal delivers an exceptional mix of articles that describes the challenges we face and the potential solutions and strategies available for addressing these issues. While not providing all the answers, the directions offered in this issue lead to a more successful and fully integrated global future.

Acquiring the right talent creates a foundation for success in this new world, if one can win the war for talent that is taking place in such areas as China. Challenges and opportunities in the acquisition of global talent within an organization are examined as Jan De Silva, Dean of Ivey Asia and former CEO of Sunlife Financial, provides her thoughts on this escalating matter in China. Her ideas are complemented by Booz & Company contributors Ashok Divakaran, Matt Mani and Laird Post who outline best practices for a global talent strategy.

While we face a global talent crunch, modern times also require modern leadership.  Barbara Kellerman contends that we are entering a “crisis in leadership”. She identifies a growing tendency to follow, rather than lead, in her article which is based upon her latest book The End of Leadership.

The September / October issue also delivers a global perspective to topics ranging from research and development to working in virtual teams. We hope that you enjoy your read, open your mind, and work with us towards a brighter future.

Stephen Bernhut

Editor, Ivey Business Journal