In Focus: Innovation

“Capitalism, then, is by nature a form or method of economic change and not only never is, but never can be, stationary.
– Joseph Schumpeter.

“He not busy being born/Is busy dying.
– Bob Dylan.

I am, because of my notoriously sedentary occupation, almost always stationary. I am not, most of the time, percolating with so many ideas that I can say that I am busy being born. But I am, however – perhaps like you – engaged in my own private, personal innovation. Searching for a theme for each issue of the Ivey Business Journal and lining up contributors take me far and wide, to research processes like ideation and open innovation, and to discuss articles with academics and consultants in Asia, the European Union and North America. It’s not innovation, at least not in the way we apply the term to a firm. But I am always engaged and intellectually challenged. I may be sitting, but my job truly is rich and dynamic. I am constantly increasing my knowledge and learning so much about the field of management. In the end, in putting together each issue of the Business Journal, my goal is to create value for you, the reader. And in the end, that is what innovation is all about, creating value. I hope you enjoy the articles in this issue of the Ivey Business Journal.

Stephen Bernhut