Welcome to the New IBJ

Welcome to the New IBJ

When I signed on as editor of Ivey Business Journal, I promised our international audience improved intellectual return on time invested reading our publication. The new IBJ you see today was designed to deliver on that promise.

IBJ was launched as The Quarterly Review of Commerce in 1933, shortly after Western University’s Department of Business Administration introduced graduate work. The objective was to “serve as a source of excellent reading material for the alert business executive.” Many things have changed over the years. Both this publication and the business school that publishes it have changed their names more than once. But our mandate remains the same.

The Ivey Business School exists to “develop business leaders who think globally, act strategically and contribute to the societies in which they operate.” IBJ has always contributed to this mission by publishing content aimed at improving the practice of management. And now thanks to our redesign, which includes a change in format, we are an even better and more interactive resource for our target audience of C-suite executives, corporate directors, managers and academics.

The new IBJ will not publish formal issues. Instead, it will offer a steady stream of feature articles (on topics ranging from the critical role that character plays in corporate governance to an examination of executive blind spots that hinder innovation), as well as exclusive executive interviews and IBJ Insights, concise commentaries offering unique analysis of current events and market trends. Noteworthy articles from our archives will also be regularly highlighted.

If you are interested in contributing content, please see our new submission guidelines. In the meantime, thank you for reading.

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