Loretta Biscaro Smith


As the founder and President of Genesis Executive Management Inc., Loretta Biscaro Smith specializes in leadership development and the implementation of talent attraction and talent alignment strategies. The former national lobbyist has coached and provided leadership expertise to senior executives in diverse business sectors from around the world. An engaged community leader, Biscaro Smith has served on several boards and is a Mentor in the Transformational Leadership program at Ivey Business School, where she is currently an Executive in Residence at the Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership, with a focus on developing leader character. She chairs several entrepreneur and CEO peer-to-peer forums in Ontario. She is a frequent keynote speaker and facilitator. Biscaro Smith holds a number of certifications in organizational design, leadership development, and coaching from Western University, Queen’s University, and the Human Capital Institute. She also holds certifications in a number of psychometric assessment tools, including a Master Certification in TAIS [The Attentional Interpersonal Style Inventory], and certifications inEQ-i, TESI [Team Emotional and Social Intelligence], and the Birkman Method. She can be reached at loretta@genesis-em.com.

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Taking Leadership from Good to Great

by , Issue: November / December 2018

A lot of leaders think they are great at the job. Some are, most aren’t. The difference is self-awareness and willingness to develop character.