• Athletic female rock climber.

    Report from the Front Lines of Workplace Disruption

    by Issue: January / February 2021

    Working in HR today is like climbing a steep mountain, on your own, in the dark, without a rope, during a perfect storm.
    woman breaking through glass ceiling

    Shattering Glass

    by Issue: May/June 2021

    As co-founder of a thriving AI venture, Ravina Mutha offers aspiring womenpreneurs advice for navigating male-dominated industries

    Fighting Privilege Blindness

    by Issue: July / August 2021

    Effectively leading EDI typically requires some serious reflecting on why it has taken so long to make something that improves performance a real priority.
    By Vectorios2016

    Don’t Read Too Much into Bitcoin’s Status in El Salvador

    by Issue: September/October 2021

    Why the logic behind making an outdated cryptocurrency legal tender is as shaky as Salvadorian President Nayib Bukele’s roll out of bitcoin

    Moving Beyond Window Dressing on EDI

    by , Issue: July / August 2021

    The jury is still out on whether the corporate world has what it takes to really embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion. Here is how to walk the talk.
    Wes Hall

    BlackNorth Rising

    by Issue: July / August 2021

    Bay Street power broker Wes Hall talks about fighting systemic racism, offering practical advice on how corporate Canada can achieve generational change.
    showing blank business card royalty

    No Culture, No Identity

    by Issue: May/June 2021

    If maintaining a strong corporate culture hasn’t been a priority during the pandemic, then you don’t understand its importance.
    Horror Zombie with flaking flesh using laptop computer in dark room.

    Surviving Big Data’s Zombie Apocalypse

    by Issue: May/June 2021

    With the rising popularity of anti-social “oppositional marketing,” big-data platforms are on a collision course with privacy regulators.