• Quiet Quitting Is a Leadership Issue

    by Issue: September/October 2022

    Why the social media-fueled work-to-rule philosophy probably says more about current company cultures than employee motivations.

    Are You Ready for the Quantum Leap?

    by , et al.Issue: September/October 2022

    Why now is the time to prepare your organization for the disruption that quantum computing threatens to unleash (along with unprecedented opportunities).

    Implementing CSR-contingent Executive Compensation

    by , Issue: September/October 2022

    As corporate purpose evolves it is worth asking if traditional executive pay formulas have reached their best-before date.

    Metaverse or Metaworse

    by Issue: March/April 2022

    Mark Zuckerberg’s brave new world sounds cool—but regulators need to recognize it is being designed by the Facebook culture responsible for creating major social issues

    MindGeek’s Risky ESG Makeover


    Why Canada’s Ethical Capital Partners should read the Ivey Business School case study on Bay Street’s rejection of Ashley Madison

    The Art of Persuading Unreasonable Colleagues

    by , Issue: May / June 2022

    Employee conflict costs the global economy billions annually. Here’s how to use it to fuel learning and innovation.

    Guiding Corporate Sustainability

    by Issue: July / August 2022

    Canada’s ambitious Innovation North initiative aims to save the planet (and capitalism along with it) by disrupting traditional approaches to innovation
    Young Asian Couple Hikers Climbing Up Mountain Cliff Climbing Helps And Team Work Concept

    Developing Courageous Leadership

    by Issue: March / April 2023

    Speaking truth to power is just table stakes when it comes to leadership—which requires the courage to challenge beliefs, fears, and blind spots.