Consumer Behaviour

Metaverse or Metaworse

by Issue: March/April 2022

Mark Zuckerberg’s brave new world sounds cool—but regulators need to recognize it is being designed by the Facebook culture responsible for creating major social issues
Image of a man and woman sitting on the coach, both look stressed

Why Household Debt Should Have Executives Taking Ambien

by Issue: July/August 2018

While Canadian central bankers are losing sleep over the ever-increasing levels of Canadian household debt, too many business leaders aren’t waking up to the risks.
A woman in an orange dress standing in front of a shopping screen

Coming Soon: The Conscious Store

by Issue: September/October 2017

Physical retailers of the future will sell tech-enabled convenience to mass audiences one customer at a time.

Service Complexity and The Perils of Productization

by , et al.Issue: January / February 2014

Good service isn’t hard to recognize. It can be seen when an attentive waiter offers a free second serving to patrons……

Creating product addicts

by Issue: January / February 2014

Addiction isn’t always negative. The value proposition of products and the manner in which they are sold and used…

The Hershey Company: Aligning inside to win on the outside

by Issue: March / April 2012

Changes in the marketplace, if not monitored, can cause serious losses in profit, market share, and in stakeholders'…

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