Learning from AI Leaders

by , et al.Issue: May/June 2024

These 5 priorities can accelerate your AI-led reinvention by helping scale AI across your organization

Why Decentralized Digital Enterprises Require Modern Networks

by , et al.Issue: March/April 2024

The evolution of networks into a cornerstone of decentralized digital enterprises marks a profound shift in the business landscape

Did AI or Poor Design Nearly Crash Lou’s Airliner?

by , et al.Issue: January/February 2024

Why automated systems that rely on artificial intelligence can be a deadly liability in situations unforeseen by designers
IBJ interview to Alex Tapscott, business author and alternative investment market professional.

Betting on Web3

by Issue: September/October 2023

Alex Tapscott explains why believing in a decentralized future is as deadly practical as Blaise Pascal’s wager on God
The Not-so-scary Truth About AI - Ivey Business Journal

The Not-so-scary Truth About AI

by Issue: July/August 2023

Despite all the Terminator scenarios, many commercial applications of artificial intelligence are really just an essential business tool
Why Entrepreneurship Is Entrepreneurship - Ivey Business Journal

Why Entrepreneurship Is Entrepreneurship

by Issue: July/August 2023

Most business founders deserve respect, but not all of them have what it takes to be considered an entrepreneur
3 Steps to Resilience Through Innovation - Ivey Business Journal

3 Steps to Resilience Through Innovation: a CEO Lens

by , et al.Issue: July/August 2023

Why organizations seeking resilience should emulate biopharmaceutical companies that embrace cutting-edge technologies and risk-taking to address unmet patient needs
Enhancing Scenario Planning with AI

Enhancing Scenario Planning With AI

by Issue: May / June 2023

Why ChatGPT can be a strategic planning consultant’s new best friend—if they are willing to adjust their value proposition

Seeding Private Sector Interest in Biodiversity

by , et al.Issue: May / June 2023

Reality says the biodiversity market is unlikely to attract the corporate champions it needs without serious incentives

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