Reconceptualizing the board and its metrics

by Issue: July / August 2014

As chairman of Aetna in 1999, William Donaldson said: “I fear there is a growing cottage industry of superficial thought……

How Soaring Executive Compensation Can Be A Good Thing

by Issue: May / June 2014

In this issue of IBJ, we present an Ivey Interview with Landsbankinn CEO Steinthór Pálsson, who has spent the last……

A takeaway from SNC-Lavalin: Long leashes are dangerous

by Issue: March / April 2014

As charges levelled at former executives of SNC-Lavalin work their way through courts around the world, the corruption……

Improving Gender Diversity on Canadian boards

by Issue: January / February 2014

The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan is a global investor with more than $130 billion in net assets. As an investor,…

Why Canada should adopt mandatory say-on-pay

by , et al.Issue: January / February 2014

It was a rare display of investor displeasure at Barrick Gold’s annual meeting last year, when shareholders voted…

Dealing with Cartels

by , et al.Issue: November / December 2013

In most developed free-market economies restrictions exist to prevent cartels, groups of otherwise independent businesses……

Empowering Autonomous Teams

by Issue: November / December 2013

Autonomous teams, meaning work groups granted the organizational latitude to establish their own internal goals and…

Stopping CEO Pay Escalation at Canada’s Big Banks

by Issue: September / October 2013

For over 20 years, CEO pay at Canada’s big banks has increased at a rate far outpacing that of other workers, leaving……

How To Run a Board

by , Issue: September / October 2013

The role of the Board of Directors has never been more important.  Boards make important decisions that affect companies,……

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