Keith Collins


Keith Collins is a retired businessman with more than two decades of experience leading organizations across the telecommunications, information technology, and air transportation sectors. His first chief executive role was in 1996, when he was appointed president and CEO of Paragon Information Systems, a subsidiary of Newfoundland’s NewTel Enterprises Inc. In 1999, after Paragon merged with three other companies to form a new national IT company known as xwave Solutions, Collins ran Newfoundland operations before being appointed to lead the company’s European expansion as president and CEO of xwave Solutions Ireland. In 2005, the St. John’s International Airport Authority recruited Collins to serve as president and CEO, and in this capacity, he had the opportunity to lead the rapid growth and modernization of Newfoundland’s primary transportation gateway before retiring in 2019.


What I Learned as a CEO

by Issue: March/April 2022

With three stints as a corporate leader under his belt, retired Newfoundland businessman Keith Collins offers advice on how to helm an organization