current issue: May / June 2014

The Ivey Interview: Steinthór Pálsson
by Thomas Watson

Few business leaders will ever confront the challenge that Landsbankinn CEO Steinthór Pálsson faced in mid-2010, when he left a senior position with pharmaceutical company Actavis and signed on to build a bank worthy of respect out of the ashes of Iceland’s oldest full-service financial institution. In 2008, after the nation’s banking industry collapsed, the words “God Bless Iceland” appeared on blackened TV screens across the country as the government seized control of a greed-dominated...
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Stress testing the character of future business leaders

by Gerard Seijts, Mary Crossan, John Mercer, and Lawrence Stevenson

Early one morning late last summer, a bus load of ambitious Ivey Business School students departed from Western University’s campus in London, Ontario, and headed north for a unique course on leadership. The individuals in question were not exactly sure...

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Looking for Lord Stanley’s Cup in all the wrong places

by W. Glenn Rowe

Every National Hockey League senior management team basically includes a general manager and a head coach. They have separate responsibilities. But GMs and coaches are employed to jointly build a franchise that brings home Lord Stanley’s Cup. Indeed, while owners...

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Manufacturing Consumer Consent: The future of social commerce

by Amy ter Haar

There’s a lot of talk about using social media to harvest consumer conversations and feedback about their shopping experiences. Most companies are already having one strand of these conversations via their own channels. But what if merchants had access to...

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Managing the paradox of big picture & operational precision

by Himanshu Saxena

Early one weekend morning, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company calls his HR Head to discuss replacing a key executive. Jason, the employee in question, headed the healthcare vertical, a real revenue churner in the firm’s US$30-billion portfolio of...

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Championing North America’s potential

by Duncan Wood

The tilt towards Asia that has long been heralded in the foreign policy of the United States of America carries with it important implications for its North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) partners. On the economic front, it means the...

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How China could improve its global acquisition game

by M. S. S. El Namaki

As of April 2013, China had about US$3.44 trillion worth of foreign reserves and approximately US$1 trillion in related sovereign wealth funds. These funds are expected to continue growing. But when it comes to how to invest them strategically, China...

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From the Editor
How Soaring Executive Compensation Can Be A Good Thing
by Thomas Watson

In this issue of IBJ, we present an Ivey Interview with Landsbankinn CEO Steinthór Pálsson, who has spent the last four years repairing the reputation and balance sheet of Iceland’s...
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